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Using Bulk Voice Call OBD.

Bulk Voice Call (OBD) is a powerful tool for reaching a large audience efficiently. Whether you are delivering important alerts, marketing messages, or updates, our Bulk Voice Call OBD service ensures your message is heard loud and clear.

Trans Voice SMS
Trans Voice SMS

Send important info like Payment due, Election Prachar via Voice call.

Promo Voice SMS
Promo Voice SMS

Send Offer announcement & deals pre recorded voice on mobiles & landlines.

Bulk Voice call

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Bulk voice call SMS
User-friendly interface for easy campaign

Simplify with Our Voice Call

Our voice call application makes using voice broadcasts easy and flexible. Seamlessly integrate APIs into your existing applications, CRM systems, and more to enhance your communication strategy.

Easy Voice Broadcasts

Effortlessly set up and manage voice broadcast campaigns with our user-friendly application.

Flexible Campaign Management

Customize your voice broadcasts to meet your specific needs, with options for scheduling, targeting, and message personalization.

Real-Time Reporting

Access detailed analytics and reports to monitor the performance of your voice call campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Ensure Your Company's Security and Comfort

Experience the power of voice with our Bulk Voice Call OBD service and take your communication strategy to the next level.

Bulk voice camping
Beneficial Voice Broadcasting

Outreach with Advanced Voice Call Features

Your Voice Call queries answered.

What is Voice SMS?

Voice SMS is a communication service that delivers pre-recorded voice messages to a recipient’s phone. It combines the benefits of traditional SMS and voice calls, ensuring that the message is heard directly by the recipient.

How does Voice SMS work?

When you send a Voice SMS, a pre-recorded message is delivered to the recipient’s phone as a voice call. The recipient answers the call and hears your message.

Can I customize my Voice SMS messages?

Yes, you can customize your Voice SMS messages to suit your needs. Record messages in your own voice or use professional voice artists for a polished touch.

Can Voice SMS be integrated with other systems?

Yes, our Voice SMS service offers API integration, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing applications, CRM systems, and other platforms.