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Using OTP SMS Services.

We offer an OTP service with 97.7% of OTPs delivered within 19 seconds. More customized services are also available with OTP delivery within 04 seconds. We also offer an international OTP service that offers OTP worldwide.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure

Send the OTP securely using the HTTPS protocol.

Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast

You only Pay for OTP’s delivered within 15-25 seconds.

how to send OTP
OTP Authentication

ISO 9001:2015
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Outgrid’s Flawless Security

Secure OTP SMS for Your Business

Ensure the security and reliability of your customer interactions with our One Time Password (OTP) services. Our platform provides end-to-end encryption and advanced OTP features to safeguard your transactions and enhance user experience.

Seamless Security

Seamless Security

Protects OTPs from unauthorized access throughout transmission.

High Reliability

High Reliability

Guarantees high delivery rates and dependable service for critical transactions.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Provides detailed analytics and reporting for tracking OTP delivery status.

Ensure Your Company's Security and Comfort

Our load-critical OTP services guarantee your company’s safety and reliability. Our SMS based verification solutions are designed to handle big data, prevent message delays, and operate across various geographic regions. These services are essential for:


How can use our OTP services

Your OTP SMS queries answered.

1. What is OTP SMS?

OTP (One Time password) is used to avoid these problems and increase transaction security. Once verified by the system, the transaction is completed in seconds. Also called two-factor authentication. Fraud is really widespread today. Therefore, OTP SMS service provides results for all illegal activities such as phishing, keyboard logging, etc. OTP SMS is used by trading doors, payment gateways, etc.

2. Advantages of Using OTP Service

OTP SMS service for business and business, shoot OTP via API. Unofficial OTP for sending bulk One Time Pasword to verify mobile phones. CRUNCHYMEDIA’s premium OTP service is widely used by commercial websites, banks and other businesses. The main reason for sending OTP  is to provide terminal addicts peace of mind when dealing with any type of business. OTP SMS adds redundant protection coverage to our products.

3. How OTP SMS work ?

Send an OTP verification request first. Also, CRUNCHYMEDIA takes her generated OTP and sends it to the customer’s mobile number. Also, entering her unique OTP sent by her CRUNCHYMEDIA on the app or website will continuously verify the OTP.

4. How is OTP SMS integrated into my system?

Our OTP service can be easily integrated with your existing systems and applications through our developer-friendly API. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free setup process.

5. Can OTP SMS be used for multiple purposes?

Yes, OTP SMS can be used for various purposes such as login verification, transaction authentication, account activation, and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for enhancing security in different scenarios.

6. Can i use OTP SMS for bulk promotional message?

No, OTP Message only can be used for 2FA and various purposes such as login verification, transaction authentication, account activation, and more. If want to send Bulk promotional Marketing message use our Promotional SMS.