Our Advanced features

CrunchyMedia is now capable of sending & receiving messages using Webhook URL, Push & Pull request API requests with its new API Integration feature (Available in Enterprise + API edition)

Manage multiple Whatsapp accounts and numbers. Thanks to Crunchy’s API you can connect different users to make an efficient and scalable communications management.


  •  Real-time communication
  •  Import contact lists
  •  Deliver messages easily to multiple Whatsapp contacts
  •  Autoreply chatbot
  •  Schedule marketing and lead generation campaign
  •  Manage your team’s activities
  •  Manage multiple Whatsapp Web tab on different devices
  •  Integration API

How our WhatsApp API works?Easy and fast! All you need is a smartphone with Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business.

Pair a number

Pair your account number to connect it to CrunchyMedia. You can set up multiple accounts.

Setup your Web Hook

Set up your Web Hook to send and receive WhatsApp messages.

Start chatting

Send, receive and reply messages through WhatsApp using the API.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Wake your robot

Allows you to send automatic replies when people write to your numbers. It attends your customers at Whatsapp 24/7.

Webhook endpoint

Optionally, our system can notify your servers in order to get notified with inbound or outbound message events in a near real-time.

Inbuilt integration

Zapier itself provides 3rd party & cross integration with 1400+ applications. you can easily build custom, automated, and fully artificial intelligent auto reply bots in minutes.

Automate the conversation

Make everything automatic with our Chatbot. Set up the chatbot to automatically answer for customers requests.

Connect WhatsApp with CRUNCHYMEDIAand enjoy this new business messaging channel


Send Notifications for your Business by WhatsApp.


Send alerts through Whatsapp API


Send reminders about what to do throw API


Send and verify 2FA security codes.

Activation Codes

Send Activation Codes by WhatsApp

OTT Codes

Send OTT Codes for two step verification by WhatsApp


Restaurants send the Menu for delivery or pickup through WhatsApp

Shipment Info

Send Shipment tracking automatically by WhatsApp


Pair your WhatsApp with CrunchyMedia and sell products or services


Manage customers from all over the world thanks to translations tool

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