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In the world Programmatically control voice calls & send SMS to user who interested on you broadcast.

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Bulk Voice SMS

Bulk Voice SMS Software and API

Our voice call application makes using voice broadcast easy and flexible. It also integrates APIs into each application, CRM, etc.

  • Audio drafts: Recorded audio messages can be saved in Drafts and sent later.
  • Upload Audio: Upload pre-recorded audio files from your system to the CRUNCHYMEDIA platform for quick and easy consumption.
  • Text-to-Speech: You can also easily convert any text SMS to a voice call.
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How Beneficial Voice Broadcasting For You?

  • High ROI: Voice transmission allows you to earn more than 200% profit on high volume voice calls.
  • Polls: Used for polls, urgent messages, feedback, welcome or thank you messages.
  • Political Campaigns: The cheapest and easiest way to reach every voter with custom messages.
  • Lead Generation: The best way to generate mature and qualified leads with less investment.

Voice SMS Features

Incredible benefits of voice transmission.

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Voice SMS FAQ's

What is a bulk voice sms/call ?

With our voice broadcasting service, you can reach out to your customers in their preferred language, making communication more effective and personalized. You can also schedule your voice calls at a specific time, ensuring that your customers receive your message at the right time.

What effect Voice Msg Services in Business ?

Direct communication channel: Voice message services allow businesses to directly communicate with their customers and clients, delivering a personal touch that can be more effective than traditional advertising methods. Wide reach: With voice message services, businesses can reach a large number of people at once, making it an efficient way to communicate important messages, promotions or alerts.

How does it help in business?

I believe there may be a slight mistake in your sentence, but I understand the point you are trying to make. Using voice SMS service for business promotion and as a voice messaging system, answering machine, and pending message system can help provide important information to clients or customers, thus increasing the potential for business growth and success.

If you are looking Bulk Voice SMS, and want to know how to help it, sure CRUNCHYMEDIA will help you, just ring here at +91-7537000772 for more information.

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