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RCS Messaging Solutions in India

RCS is an innovative messaging service that allows mobile phone users to access rich and interactive content through their mobile carrier networks. With RCS, Android messaging apps can be enhanced with a variety of embedded features, bringing a new level of engagement and interactivity to mobile messaging. Whether you're looking to enrich your messaging experience with multimedia content or interactive gestures, RCS has something for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about how RCS can transform your mobile messaging experience and take your communication to the next level.

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RCS Messaging

What is RCS Messaging?

With Rich Communication Services (RCS), you can offer your clients a messaging experience that is more engaging and personalized. Two-way messaging allows you to establish a more meaningful relationship with your customers, while features like carousels, stickers, emojis, videos, payments, real-time location sharing, high-resolution images, and document sharing create a rich experience that enhances brand trust.

  • RCS is a modern messaging protocol that takes messaging to the next level, offering a beautiful and interactive experience for your customers.
RCS SMS Benefit

Features & Benefits of RCS Messaging

  • Personalized Experience & Fallback as SMS
  • Enables 2-Way Communication
  • Product Cross-Selling Possibilities
  • In-app Browser (Eliminates Landing Page)
  • Higher Read Rate & Engagement
  • AI/ML Based Chatbot Integration

How RCS Messaging Works

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RCS Messaging FAQ's

What is RCS?

RCS is a modernized version of SMS, allowing senders to brand their messages, share Rich media and derive analytics.

Why should a company use RCS?

RCS Business Messages provide a highly engaging way for brands to communicate with their customers, improving the messaging experience with modern digital features that customers have come to expect. With RCS Business Messages, businesses can also gain valuable insights to measure the effectiveness of their messaging campaigns and develop smart strategies to move customers through the marketing funnel.

What is the difference between RCS and SMS?

The popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Google has prompted mobile network service providers to offer RCS messages as an alternative to SMS text messages. RCS Business Messages allow users to enjoy rich messaging capabilities, such as image and video sharing, as opposed to a text-only messaging option with SMS. also, RCS content is transferred across the cellular network natively and the stoner doesn't need to download an OTT app or produce an account. Hence, RCS is a dependable and a accessible messaging platform that can be abused by businesses and end druggies.

What RCS features does crunchymedia provide?

CrunchyMedia's RCS Business dispatches empowers businesses to provide an easy-to-use and engaging CX through 2-way messaging and rich promotional campaigns. This leads to an increase in cross-selling opportunities, read rates, and overall engagement with customers. The in-app browser feature eliminates the need for external landing pages, while fallback to SMS ensures maximum reach. Additionally, AI/ML chatbot integrations enable businesses to stay connected with customers 24/7, providing a seamless customer service experience.

Will Apple support RCS?

As of now, Apple has not announced any plans to support RCS (Rich Communication Services) natively on their devices. Apple has its own messaging protocol, iMessage, which is already a popular messaging platform for iOS users. However, some reports suggest that Apple is considering adopting RCS in the future to keep up with the changing trends in messaging services. It remains to be seen if Apple will ultimately decide to support RCS, but for now, iOS users will need to use other messaging platforms to access RCS features.

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