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Bulk Whatsapp Marketing  Services: Today’s time brings us the possibilities of experiencing rapid growth and profits using various powerful marketing and promotional tools available on the web. With changing times, trends, nature of business many technology are disrupting the way we do business and market to our target set of prospects, customers & clients.

Our Whatsapp Marketing core services include: Bulk Whatsapp Sms, Video  sms , Image Sms,  Text  Sms,  Location  Sms    Strategy and Activity Report.

WhatsApp Marketing is one of the best tools available to the world which opens the possibilities of exchanging messages with your target audience using Text, Image, Voice, Video and GPS Locations. Chief reason for using it is mainly because almost anyone who is using a smart phone whether Android or iOS user downloads WhatsApp and uses it as their by default way of communicating with their friends, family and relatives using this text messaging mobile app.

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  • Send Messages:  Our panel allows you to send Text, Images & Video messages without the worry of adding any WhatsApp Channels, hosting a script, taking tensions of whether your WhatsApp channels will be banned from WhatsApp or not.
  • Send Text and Images: You can send individual text messages to a particular WhatsApp user using this option also You can send individual image messages to any particular WhatsApp number. You get option to upload the image here.

  • Send Videos and Videos to Group:  You can send individual video messages to any number available on WhatsApp. You will have the option to upload video in this option and This tab allows you to send video messages from within the system to your groups of contacts.

  • Filter Groups: Our system in order to allow sending WhatsApp messages needs to first filter out which numbers are already there on WhatsApp. So, hence you upload your list of contact either using a CSV file or a text file format. Once, you upload the list of contacts by creating & uploading in an individual group. The system processes and filters the contacts and only shows those numbers which are already registered in WhatsApp as a user.

  • Filter and Add Contacts: Here you can see how many numbers were added into the system and how many numbers were filtered using our script out of total no. of numbers added and You can add individual contact information into a particular group using this feature.

  • Ability To Track How Message Broadcast Performs: Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature, Blue tick. It tells senders the status of the message sent. If recipient of the message opened and read the message, the tick turns blue. Now, you can easily see how many of your audience read your business message. It will now be easy for marketers to measure how their promotional advertising messaging campaigns performed.

  • Allows Sending Messages to DND Numbers: While broadcasting message to a broadcast list, you needn’t to worry about DND phone numbers. With WhatsApp, marketers can even contact those who are on that list. That means, creating a customer outreach without fearing message spam is now possible with WhatsApp .


WhatsApp Marketing, Your Next Best Business Tool for Marketing !

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing offers WhatsApp Marketing services to all our widely acclaimed clients who always wanted to use WhatsApp as a marketing weapon to promote their business consistently. Our service is best suited for anyone ranging from Banking Professionals to Insurance & Financial companies, Educational institutes, Health Care, Media & Entertainment companies, Travel & Logistic industry, to professionals like doctors, real estate firms, and lawyers/attorneys. Our service can deliver according to all your marketing needs, you can use it for: – Product & Service Launches – Announcing offers, contest and deals to your already existing customer base – Stock/Quotes Update to all your esteemed clients & investors – Upcoming Gig Updates & Special Event Promotions – Greetings on special occasions and holiday festivals – and much more with possibilities which are endless and limited to your thinking.

Want to know more about WhatsApp Marketing Campaign ?

If you want to know how to run Mobile Marketing Campaign we will surely help you.You can call us on +91 7537000772 , +91 7537000776 or Email info@crunchymedia.in .As Mobile Marketing is the latest way of Marketing & opens the doors for marketers to directly reach to the focused audience through multimedia messages to the whole world. or Contact Us.

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