Media Production

In a region where size matters, Crunchy Media provides a strong presence across all the markets and our large clients’ portfolio are the keys to stay competitive. Tree Advertising scale allows us to invest in people, resources, systems, and tools to help derive our clients’ businesses forward. Being big is not enough in the modern world of media. We need to be nimble, agile, and in tune with new trends and technologies, thus our way of working is built around your specific needs.

Crunchy Media team of innovative filmmakers focuses on creating products that are entertaining, informative, and unique. Our products have been broadcasted on both local and satellite channels across the Asia region.

So, what does Crunchy Media offer in Media Production?

TV Commercials

TV Advertising requires a deep thorough research about target market and what type of ad can be produced to grab the attention of your target audience. TV Commercials are still an effective means of advertising products and services.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are rising fast as one of the essential anchors of your marketing mix. Advertising through a video is proven to create the positive impression, grabbing the attention, and generating success. Corporate videos are proven to be success at telling your story and creating a strong brand awareness.

Web Videos

Did you know that the second largest search engine in the world is YouTube? Also did you know that 55% of internet users watch at least one video a day? These numbers means on thing only, if you haven’t considered a web video production till the moment, then you must do.

Documentary Films

Documentary film is a term that describes a non-fiction film that documents or imitates the reality and facts. Documentaries are a great way to show your business history, milestones, achievements, and more.

Tree Advertising has worked with some of the big names in the market


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